Topless radio host Lori Welbourne teams up with BC mayor, again, this time to get on Ellen

Andy Radia

We all remember Lori Welbourne, right?

She was that B.C. radio host who, in August, bared her pixelated bosom during a YouTube interview with the mayor of Kelowna in the name of gender equality.

[ See Welbourne's first YouTube video here ]

Well, she's back — this time with another YouTube video and with the mayor — going topless in an attempt to get on the Ellen show.

In an email exchange with Yahoo Canada News, Welbourne explained why she wants to appear on the hit daytime talk show.

"Ellen’s been an idol of mine for decades, back to her days as a stand-up comic. I love her positive, honest and brave approach to life, and I love how she sticks up for the underdog, human or otherwise," Welbourne said.

"She’s also no stranger to controversy, so anytime I felt affected by horribly cruel comments, in person or online, I’d think about what she must have gone through, and I drew strength from her."

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And why did she use Kelowna Mayor Walter Gray in the video, again? (Gray appears at the very end)

Welbourne says that there were several reasons for that.

"I thought Walter’s involvement would do three things. 1. Provide a funny surprise ending (not anticipating the media would tell the punch line!); 2. It would make it clear he was not disrespected as many believe. Of all the misperceptions, that one bugged me; 3. The unnecessary pixilation of his chest would further showcase how sexualized female bodies are in comparison to male," she wrote.

For his part, Gray says he's having fun with it all.

"I appreciate her ambition and I thought, why not?" he told CTV News.

"I have a sense of humour. I believe as a politician, if you don’t have a sense of humour you don’t survive."

Welbourne hasn't heard anything from Ellen or her people just yet, but is still optimistic.

We'll keep you updated.

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