Anti-Stephen Harper group poised to launch new television commercial

Andy Radia

It looks like the Tories are about to get a taste of their own medicine, so to speak.

An anti-Harper organization has produced a clever attack ad against the prime minister and his government.

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Sh#% Harper did — a cadre of young political activists who have created several witty anti-Conservative YouTube videos — are now raising money to have one of their ads broadcast on television.

(Warning: Video contains coarse language)

Interestingly, one of the group's leaders is Brigette DePape.

We all remember DePape, right?

She was the young lady who stole headlines in June 2011 when, as a Senate page during the Harper government's throne speech, she held up a "Stop Harper" sign in protest.

Since then, she's become quite the political activist, taking her 'act' to protests across the country and online.

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To date, the group has raised $19,600.

If you want to see this ad during a playoff game, you can donate here.

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