24 Seven: Prime Minister Harper’s office releases first episode of weekly ‘infomercial’

Andy Radia

This isn't likely to get picked-up by any of the major networks.

But the prime minister's office has released their first episode of 24 Seven —which interestingly carries the same name as the HBO/SportsNet reality television show that has cameras following the trials and tribulations of NHL hockey teams.

The PMO's version, of course, doesn't include any belligerent coaches; instead, it highlights the prime minister's 'week that was.'

Here's the first episode, released on Thursday.

Last January, the prime minister tweeted his #dayinthelife of a prime minister. That tactic — seen as a way to bypass the media and humanize Harper to the masses — quickly fizzled.

This, perhaps, is strategy number two?

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Dave Teixeira, a Vancouver-based social media and communications expert, says that he hopes the PMO continues producing these segments.

"I do like it. I've always enjoyed these sort of quick videos," Teixeira who headed up social media for Premier Christy Clark’s leadership and election campaigns, told Yahoo Canada News.

"Let's be clear, these are produced by his partisan staff. These are produced in order to show the leader in the best light. So they're kind of like a three-minute infomercial."

Teixeira calls 24 Seven "Obama-esque" pointing out that the U.S. President has been doing this sort of thing for years.

"This is really the modern version of when politicians used to do their weekly radio addresses," Teixeira said.

"The problem with the media, if you will, is that you give your story and then, of course, the writer puts his or her sort of spin on it. So this is avoiding that.

"It is a way to ensure that you get your unfettered message out [there]."

What do you think?

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