Valentine’s Day with the ‘Humans of New York’

ABC News
Beyond The HeadlineFebruary 15, 2014

Brandon Stanton has photographed over 5,000 New Yorkers for his popular photo series “Humans of New York,” capturing the nooks and crannies of the 8 million people that call it home.

Many of his subjects are individuals but he also photographs couples, and for Valentine’s Day we joined him on the streets of New York to capture true love, with a still image and interview caption.

There’s no way for Brandon to know who he’s going to run into every day but it’s the young and the old whose innocence and wisdom, respectively, inspire him the most.

Stanton didn’t grow up destined to become a professional photographer, in fact it happened by circumstance when he was fired from his finance job in Chicago and decided to follow his dream and take pictures of people.

Now he has one of the most popular Facebook pages and a bestselling book, so what is the recipe for his success?

It’s the story, says Brandon. While a few celebrities seem to get all of the attention, he’s found that there’s a story worth telling walking down the street every day.