Surviving Alaska With Iditarod Champs

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"I would be far more afraid of trying to spend a week on my own in New York than I would a week on my own in Alaska."

Those of the words of Dallas Seavey a 26-year-old outdoorsman and Iditarod champion, who’s taken on the challenge to survive days in the frozen Alaskan wilderness on pure will, with no cars, food or shelter.

“This is my element, this is my home and I know how to handle getting trapped in a whiteout, I know how to handle falling in a river."

We joined Dallas in Alaska to get a look behind the scenes of the challenge, which is for a new National Geographic show, Ultimate Survival Alaska.

In the show, teams compete to survive for weeks at a time with only what they can carry on their back in the harshest territory in the planet.

We spent time with some of the top competitors, who showed us the ropes of what it takes to survive and even took us on a ride with Iditarod champion sled dogs.

The one thing these competitors never leave behind? Snow shoes. In an emergency they can help you cover a lot of ground, that would otherwise be impossible to cover.