Ride Shotgun with Jeff Gordon

David Miller
Beyond The Headline

Just because he drives for a living, don’t expect Jeff Gordon to sit in the passenger seat on a weekend cruise. David Muir rode shotgun in Gordon’s convertible on a sunny afternoon to talk cars, racing and his championship career.

Gordon’s been racing since he was five years old, tearing up dirt tracks far before the fame and fortune of NASCAR. His NASCAR career began in 1992 and he’s since become one of the most successful and famous drivers in the world, winning 87 races, 4 championships and taken home just under $100,000,000 in prize money.

His 20 years in NASCAR have been driven by championships and wins, but time has also given him a chance to enjoy what he’s done, “it’s unbelievable, the older I get the more appreciative and more thankful I am. The opportunities I’ve had have been unbelievable.”