‘Real Money’: How to Save Money at the Mall

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‘Real Money’: How to Save Money at the Mall

Most of us think the best deals on clothes and home goods are online, but it turns out your best deal may be at the good old brick-and-mortar shopping mall.

Even though it seems like Amazon and other online retailers are chipping away at the shopping malls’ golden age, back when arcades were a social Mecca and if you wanted a ride home you had to pop a quarter in the payphone, the mall isn’t going anywhere.

There are actually more malls now than there were a couple years ago and sales are up. But how can you make sure you get the best deal?

“Real Money” went to Cherry Hill, N.J., and brought along retail expert Tory Johnson and a few eager shoppers to see what kind of deals they could find at a mall that aren’t available online.

First and foremost, use apps like Shopular and Shopkick. We’re big fans of Shopular, because what it does is recognize your location and then send you the appropriate coupons. All you have to do is present the coupon to the cashier, and you’re walking out with a deal.

Next, try good old-fashioned negotiating. You could walk in here without a coupon, an ad, or any intention of signing up for a credit card, and still get a discount. Expect anywhere between 10% and 20%, you want to be reasonable, you want to be cordial, and make sure to ask for a ask for a manager who can approve the discount.

After you’ve spoken with a manager ask if they can couple that particular coupon with any other deals, any other promotions that are going on as well.

And last, be persistent. If you don’t have luck at one store, try another. If you don’t have luck with one sales associate in one particular store, ask for another associate.