Real Money: How to Save Money on Household Bills

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Have you ever wondered how much money you could save on your household bills if you just took the time to shop around?

Well you can now check out the latest deals available for cell phones, cable, Internet and electricity online, thanks to a new website,, a service that analyzes your bills, then negotiates them down for you.

"We know what to ask, how to ask, what the promotions or otherwise are, or the flavor of the month, because all these companies change regularly," says Barry Gross, president of BillCutterz.

The team regularly saves customers up to 30 percent on their bills without changing the provider or the plan -- and now the folks at BillCutterz are sharing some of their trade secrets with you:

--- If you have time, do a bit of homework. Look at what the competition is advertising.

--- Next, call during non-peak times. Let them know you're looking to save some money on your bill.

--- Be as friendly as possible, and use the rep’s name.

--- If you feel like you're getting frustrated, try back another time.

And finally, if you just don't have the time, try a service like BillCutterz, that does the work for you.