Person of the Week: Tim Howard

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U.S. national soccer team goalkeeper Tim Howard is one of team USA’s most seasoned players at the World Cup. But Howard says his age doesn’t affect his game.

“I'm 35. In the game of football that’s nearly ancient. But as a goalkeeper, I feel like I’m in my prime and I’m young at heart,” he says.

This year marks his third World Cup. You can watch Tim Howard on ABC News this Sunday. He will be World News’s special game day “Person of the Week.”

Howard is passing along his experience to his teammates.

“I’m the older guy who has to crack the whip and keep them on the straight and narrow,” he says.

It is likely that Howard’s maturity comes from his childhood. As the son of a single mother in New Jersey, he learned responsibility at a very young age.

“I had a great upbringing,” he says. “We looked after ourselves until my mom got home from work.”

Howard recently revealed that he was diagnosed as a child with Tourette Syndrome.

“It’s made me more resilient. It’s allowed me to persevere through some tough times on and off the field,” he says.

By revealing the diagnosis, he has been able to help inspire others. Howard says serving as an inspiration is the ultimate victory.

“Winning is amazing,” he says. “But the ability to inspire young kids trumps any win I’ve ever had.”