Person of the Week - Parents of the Players

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The World Cup is a sporting event where the emotions and the stakes are high. But for the parents behind the elite athletes, they couldn’t be higher.

Each player on Team USA has his own personal story. However, in most cases their success has been backed by a family that has been at every game and at every practice. The parents made sacrifices to help their child reach his goals.    

Joetta Beasley, mother of player DaMarcus Beasley, does not remember how many games she has been to. Her husband Henry Beasley thought it may be in the thousands. “I mean, from age 4 or 5 up through now, so it’s been tons,” Joetta said, “Tons in this country. Tons all over the world.”

“It’s the same little guy who’s been out there since he was 4 and now he’s out there fulfilling his dreams,” said Meg Beckerman, mother of player Kyle Beckerman.

Meg’s advice for parents who wants their child to succeed is to “give them the opportunity to succeed if they have a love for it, and never think they have to give up. Never quit just because there’s one bad moment.”

For parents like Debbie Dempsey, mother of team captain Clint Dempsey, all of the effort has paid off. “It’s just an emotional, proud moment when I see him walk out,” she said. “It just means to so much to me as a parent and knowing how he feels about this team that he’s representing.“