NJ Town Protects Homes When Residents Are Gone

David Miller
Beyond The Headline
NJ Town Protects Homes When Residents Are Gone

According to the FBI, 1.4 million homes are burglarized in America every year, so ABC News' Gio Benitez looked into a couple of different approaches people are taking to protect their homes.

Catching criminals on camera is not just for street and business crimes. Bluetooth enabled cameras are widely available and sync to your phone, alerting you immediately if anything is going on in your house.

But we met a New Jersey police Sergeant that's doing it a different way. Local Residents of Pompton Lakes, New Jersey fill out a form before they go out of town, and when they're away the patrol team will drive by the home on their routes to make sure everything is OK. They will make sure there aren't any suspicious cars parked in the driveway or lights on when they're not supposed to be.