The Newest Trend In Exercise

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The Newest Trend In Exercise

We've seen James Bond do it, and the guys from The Office spoof it, and now it's your turn to try. Parkour, the French discipline that involves running, jumping, rolling and even flipping through city streets is going indoors giving us all a chance to feel like 007.

At Brooklyn, New York’s "Beast" gym, practitioners of the French military discipline are bringing their mysterious movement to the people.

It all started during World War I when French soldiers would challenge themselves to get through obstacles in the quickest and most efficient way, whether that meant climbing, swinging, vaulting, rolling and or all of the above.

But parkour has traditionally been an outdoor affair, meant to make a playground of urban landscapes, all about freedom and creativity. no rules, no competitions.

Kids and adults come to the Beast to learn the moves that make up the discipline, then they decide how to put it all together. Even though a first timer won’t look as cool as someone who’s been doing it for years, it delivers the promise of a total body workout.