Meet the GoPro Skydiving Team

ABC News
Beyond The Headline

High above us is the GoPro Bomb Squad, a group of skydivers and base jumpers that got this job by, believe it or not, creating it for themselves.

We got to spend the day with them, and they told us that they got the job when the approached GoPro and said, you know what? We like to jump out of planes, so if you give us a camera will you pay us to do it? And the company said, sure!

What they tell everyone is that they don’t just see themselves as risk takers, but people who’ve accepted the challenge to create a job for themselves so they can do what they love every day.

They’ve been doing it now since 2008, going across the country jumping out of planes, helicopters and base jumping, always with GoPro’s covering every angle.

What they want people to understand is that you’ve got to work through life’s challenges, and sometimes that means you’ve got to take a dive.