Last Minute Holiday Shopping Tips

ABC News
Beyond The Headline

If you’ve held out this long to buy you holiday gifts you’re either looking for insane deals, or you’re a procrastinator.

The days leading up to Christmas are among the busiest in the holiday shopping season. If you can wait till December 24th, it’ll pay off, retailers will be desperate to unload their inventory and, unlike scrooge, they’re price matching nearly everything.

If you’re shopping online, here are two big tips.

#1) Try installing “Price Blink” to your browser, which is basically a discount ray gun. It scours the internet and finds you the lowest price possible on whatever you’re looking for.

#2) Put your items in that online cart, walk away…and wait. The retailer will send you a reminder email, and most likely to close the deal, will offer you some form of promotion.

One quick note, this time of year you have more bargaining power than you think. Try negotiating by kindly asking the sales associate or manager for an extra 10-20% off, it doesn’t hurt to ask.