Internet Campaign to Adopt Senior Dogs Goes Viral

ABC News
Beyond The Headline

Brandon Stanton has gained notoriety for his photography blog and subsequent book, Humans of New York, a visual record that captures and celebrates the diversity of people living and working in New York City. But now it’s his girlfriend, Erin O’Sullivan who’s making headlines with her pet adoption website called “Susie’s Senior Dogs.”

Two years ago, Stanton adopted a 13-year-old dog named Susie with big brown eyes and wispy white hair. Immediately the pair began to form a strong bond and that inspired Erin O’Sullivan to start a Facebook webpage so that other people could find and adopt other elderly dogs in need.

Stanton says that he is thankful he met Susie while photographing people for his blog, “I had never seen a dog that was that interesting . . . she’s old and she just wants to be with me.”

But not all senior dogs are as lucky when it comes to finding loving homes and caring human companions. Must people prefer adopting puppies and for the older dogs, that often means ending up in shelters or worse.

Tiffany Lacey the Executive Director of Animal Haven in New York City says that placing senior pets in adoptive homes is harder than placing younger animals, but adds “if you are just looking for a companion and someone to completely love you, the senior pet is the way to go.”

So far, 200 dogs have been placed in homes across the United States through “Susie’s Senior Dogs.” And has the popularity of Susie’s Senior Dogs continues to grow, so does the chance that another senior dog will find a good home.