From Homeless to Valedictorian

ABC News
Beyond The Headline

It's a story of perseverance. Griffin Furlong, a high school senior at First Coast High School in Jacksonville, Florida, has been named valedictorian. The twist: He and his father have been homeless multiple times over the past few years.

During these hard times, Griffin and his father slept in hotels and sometimes shelters. But no matter where he laid his head at night, Griffin would never miss a homework assignment.

"Griffin is the only student that has never missed a homework assignment," Denita Richardson, one of Griffin's teachers, said.

As a result of his hard work, Griffin is going to graduate with perfect grades and will head to Florida State University in the fall. After his fellow students became aware of his predicament, they helped raise nearly $40,000 to help him pay for college.

"I just want to show that anyone can do it,” Griffin said. “No matter what you've been through. I never want to live a life like that again. I do everything I do because I don't want to live like that."