Fire Rages in Yosemite National Park

David Miller
Beyond The Headline
Fire Rages in Yosemite National Park

ABC News’ Neal Karlinsky is along the south side of the large fire burning in Yosemite National Park where large plumes are shooting into the sky, giving you an idea of how intense the fire can be.

The blaze is growing more out of control by the hour, It was 6 percent contained 24 hours ago, but only 2 percent contained today. Fortunately more homes are not in danger, but the fire continues grow. it has shot up more than triple in size just since yesterday and we got a real up close and personal sense of how quickly things can change and it is all due to the wind.

While approaching the entrance to Yosemite National Park, We saw a major road that has been burned over. We saw tree limbs burning and falling down - large ones right near our vehicle. It's a volatile and dangerous situation that continues to change almost by the hour.