Court Shocked By Unexpected Plea

ABC News
Beyond The Headline

Matthew Cordle, the 22 year old who made national headlines after posting a video on the internet promising to plead guilty for taking the life of 61 year old Vincent Canzani, was arraigned today. But to the surprise of the court, Mr. Cordle plead not-guilty.

In the video Mr. Cordle admits to getting blackout drunk and driving the wrong way on the highway, hitting the car of Mr. Canzani.

His plea of not guilty came as a surprise to many because he spends a lot of the 3 ½ minutes YouTube video saying he’s going to take responsibility for his actions, actually promising that he was going to plead guilty.

But his attorneys say the not guilty plea was nothing more than a formality, that it was a legal maneuver to get the ball rolling and to make sure a judge would be randomly selected.

Now a judge has been assigned, and sentencing will likely happen 30 days from now. Bail has been set, but Mr. Cordle's attorneys say that he likely won’t attempt to post bond and will stay in jail where he can begin making good on his promise.