Children of the Border

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Beyond The Headline

There is a growing crisis along the U.S. border with Mexico.

Each month 35,000 illegal immigrants are risking their lives to cross the Rio Grande and make it to the United States. We joined the U.S. Border Patrol as we watched families and unaccompanied minors try to cross the border, running into the arms of the overwhelmed border control.

In Brownsville, Texas, we were given a tour of the border patrol station where the unaccompanied children are held. The tour was the first since President Obama called this an "urgent humanitarian situation." Inside of the station there were about 500 children who have been brought here and will stay anywhere from a day to 72 hours.

As we walked passed them they pressed their faces against the glass. The station is packed to double its capacity and the children are only allowed outside for a half-hour break. The rest of the day they spend inside, sorted by age and gender, and sleeping on the floor with blankets, as they wait to be transferred to other facilities.