Astronaut Blown Away by Realism of “Gravity”

ABC News
Beyond The HeadlineOctober 4, 2013

Many people, including director James Cameron, consider the new film “Gravity” to be the most realistic portrayal of space ever put on film.

But only a handful of people can say they’ve travelled to space to perform repair missions on the Hubble space telescope. What do they think?

Astronaut Michael Massimino is one of those people. He’s logged nearly 600 hours of total time in space and more than 30 hours of spacewalking experience, and is considered to be an inspiration for George Clooney’s character in the film.

Massimino sat down with David Muir on “World News” to discuss the film and space travel.

“It’s exactly our payload bay - and I think I watched the movie like only five or six other people would,” he said. “I was looking for things … and the Hubble is like the exact Hubble. Even the lighting is the lighting we see in space.”