Are You More Stressed at Work or at Home?

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Stress at times can be all-consuming.

In a new report by Penn State University, researchers measured the stress of 122 people including men, women, singles and married couples with kids.

The test measured the participants’ cortisol levels, an indicator of stress, throughout their day at work and at home.

And where they were more stressed may surprise you.   “People’s stress levels were lower at work than they were at home,” said Sarah Damaske, an assistant professor at Penn State University.

Study participant and working mother Eve Feuerstein displayed a higher stress level at home. “There are so many factors at home that are so personal,” Feuerstein said. “It's really hard not to make that the most stressful place that I have.”

Researchers have some suggestions to reduce stress at home. First, they say act like you are at the office and delegate tasks. Also like at work, make sure to take a “coffee break” and relax. And finally, they say the best medicine to eliminate stress is one we can all afford - laughter.