Melissa Etheridge’s Hair, Johnny Depp’s Cameo and Other Burning Grammy Mysteries Solved

Claudine Zap
Claudine Zap
Stop The Presses!

The 55th Annual Grammy Awards have come and gone, but some questions remain. Here the top mysteries from the award show, solved.

Melissa Etheridge in the house.
It was quick, but the twittersphere certainly noticed. During a Lumineers performance of "Ho, Hey," the camera panned to a woman singing along with long, slick backed hair. Some didn’t recognize the singer immediately, but Melissa Etheridge had been spotted in the audience.

Etheridge's last high-profile moment may have also been at the Grammys back in 2005, when the folk-rock singer, who was battling cancer, rocked the show, bald.

The musician who fought back cancer has recently been in another dispute, reportedly resolving a court settlement with ex Tammy Lynn Michaels over support and custody of their two children. The singer will be out doing some performing of her own. Fans who want to see her live can check out tickets for upcoming shows later in the year.

Who is Miguel?
Accepting her award for Best Pop Vocal Album, Kelly Clarkson gushed about another performer: The R&B artist known only as Miguel. She gave him a shout-out from the stage: "Miguel, I don't know who you are but we have to sing together." The singer may seemed to have come out of nowhere, but the 27-year-old is from San Pedro, Calif.

The American-based singer released an album back in 2010 but he didn't catch fire until recently, with his sophomore album, "Kaleidoscope Dream," garnering five Grammy nominees and a win for Best R&B song, "Adorn." Miguel tweeted, "Unforgettable night, humbled and appreciative for the love."

Why Was Lena Dunham at the Grammys?
The "Girls" creator, in a standout yellow frock, was at the event to support her boyfriend, Jack Antonoff, the Mohawk-sporting member of the hit band fun. Dunham was even publicly thanked by Antonoff when he was on stage to receive the award for Best Song of the Year, "We Are Young." The performer was rewarded with a kiss from Dunham after winning -- and that was only the first win. Talk about a powerful -- and talented -- couple.

Why did Johnny Depp introduce Mumford and Sons?
When Depp isn't starring in a blockbuster movie ("Pirates of the Caribbean"), he dabbles in music, and seems to be a big fan of Mumford & Sons. The star performs in a band, which covered a Mumford and Sons song "Little Lion Man." The actor was also was spotted at a Colorado show of the band last summer. Marcus Mumford and Depp were photographed arm in arm at the MusiCares Person of the Year event, honoring Bruce Springsteen. Do the math: The man likes Mumford. So maybe no surprise that Depp showed up to introduce the "sublime" band for the Grammys. The real mystery: why Depp's outfit seemed to be swiped from a "Pirates of the Caribbean" set.