Can U.S. Derail Iran’s Nuke Ambitions?

Christiane Amanpour, Matthew Drake, Iva Zoric, David Miller & Mark Monroy
Around the WorldMarch 15, 2012

With the eyes of the world, and particularly those of Israel and the U.S., focused on Iran's nuclear ambitions, Christiane Amanpour speaks with David Albright, the President and Founder of the non-governmental Institute for Science and International Security.

"Right now their position is 'we've never worked on nuclear weapons, we've never had a nuclear weapons program,'" says a suspicious Mr. Albright, "unfortunately the history of proliferation is just littered with countries lying about their intentions."

This has made Israel increasingly suspicious of Iran's intentions. According to Alright, Israel is convinced that Iran is stalling until they can develop a nuclear weapon, which has lead to concerns that Israeli might attack Iran. "Israel's become very unpredictable and its made it very unclear what would cause it to strike Iran."

Mr. Albright is hopeful that the mechanisms are in place for a solution between the nations, but is unsure if there is enough political will on both sides to do it. It's unclear whether Iran will be willing to sit down and discuss a resolution, and if they do, whether the US is willing to make the necessary concessions.