Infographic: The Importance of Mobile Web Design

52% of mobile users won’t engage with a brand that delivers a poor mobile experience. Here’s a look at what mobile users want, like, and expect

Call it the “mobile majority.” By next year, experts predict there will be more mobile Web users than desktop users. And as mobile users grow, so do their expectations for ads and content that’s optimally designed for mobile devices, not adapted from other ones. This week’s infographic shares insights into mobile users’ preferences that advertisers can use to shape better mobile marketing experiences.

Here are some highlights:

  • 75% of customers prefer a mobile-friendly site

  • 76% want mobile pages to fit their screens better

  • 74% want the option to navigate to a full site

  • 69% say they want mobile sites to have bigger buttons

  • 52% say they’re less likely to engage with a company if their mobile experience was bad

Scoot on over to the full infographic for more insights into mobile users’ preferences. And to see what winning mobile ads look like, check out our Mobile Showcase.

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