Infographic: The Habits of Father’s Day Shoppers

80% of Father’s Day shoppers will buy the week before the June 16 holiday, so there’s still time for marketers to reach them

Mother’s Day is fresh in our minds, but now’s the time for marketers to focus on Father’s Day. With 67.8 million dads in the United States, the June 16 holiday means big opportunity for marketers. Last year, shoppers spent a record $12.7 billion, and experts predict a higher total this year. Even though the holiday is coming up fast, this infographic on the habits of Father’s Day shoppers shows that nearly 80% of them won’t buy gifts until the week before the big day. There’s still time for marketers to connect with them, and for an extra boost, check out our Father Day tips for retail search ad success.

More highlights from the infographic:

  • 5% of shoppers buy three weeks to a month before the holiday; 18% buy on Father’s Day

  • 48% of dads want a tech gadget (but only 23% will get one)

  • 57% of shoppers will spend $50 or less on Dad

  • 65% of dads would rather receive no gift than get a tie

For more insights into the hearts and minds of Fathers’ Day shoppers, see the full infographic.