Advertising Stats of the Week: Dynamic Takeover Ads Beat Banners

Plus: 712M Web users in China by 2016; outdoor ads rake in $6.4 billion in 2011; Bill Gates offers the Monkees; 40.5M iPads sold, and more

Now that's a home page takeover!

67%: The lift in "average dwell duration"—which is probably what it sounds like, but even we aren't sure—of dynamic home page takeover ads over simple banners, according to eMarketer. Yahoo! has some expertise in home page takeover advertising. See for yourself: "The Hunger Games;" BMW; "Journey to the Center of the Earth 2;" and "It's Halftime in America."

712 million: The number of projected Internet users in China by 2016, says eMarketer. China appears to be putting the social into "socialism" as, the same report notes, Chinese usage of social networks is set to increase to 414.5 million by 2014.

$6.4 billion: The rake-in for "out-of-home" (read: "billboards and signage") advertising in 2011, says the Outdoor Advertising Association of America. This is a 4% increase of 2010. Talk amongst yourselves.

$1,875: How much it will cost you to use The Monkees' "Daydream Believer" in your next Monkees-themed commercial. And you'll have to buy the rights from Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. This according to an article in Reuters. Gates started the privately held image and film clip licenser Corbis in 1989 and Tuesday the company announced its GreenLight music service, offering more than one million songs from the big four publishers, Warner, EMI, Universal and Sony ATV. So that's what Gates has been doing since Balmer took over.

59%: The percentage of respondents in an Advertiser Perceptions survey of 1,200 ad spenders who said they intend to increase brand spend through social media over the next 12 months, according to an article in AdAge. The implication is that social media advertising is about to "explode." Does this come as a shock? Not as much as the fact that there still seem to be people out there who think social media ad spend is not already exploding.

40.5 million: The number of iPads sold worldwide in 2011, according HIS iSuppli and reported by eMarketer. That represents 62% of the market. The article also notes that Apple's share was slightly off in Q3 due to competitors like the Kindle Fire, but with 60 million Americans expected to be iPad users by 2014, Apple looks like it's putting the "what?" in "what, me worry?" Haven't thought about tablet advertising yet? You may want to.

-4.3%: The percentage drop in sales for Miller Lite beer in 2011, according to AdAge. The drop may have something to do with MillerCoors ditching its meme-ish "Man Up" tagline in favor of going back to the classic—and classier—"Miller Time" tagline first introduced for Miller High Life way back in 1971. Whatever the reason, beer-drinking bloggers of a certain age approve.

— Michael Mattis