Yorkie Puppy Knocks Baby Over With Love (VIDEO)

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It all began as a beautiful day in the park for baby Benson, parked on a blanket in the grass, enjoying the scene.

The scene becomes even more fun for the 8-month-old when his family's tiny Yorkie puppy, Anna, pounces, literally, onto the scene.

Baby and dog at first engage in a clash of cuteness, with Benson playfully batting at the pup and enjoying the kisses Anna showers upon him.

But then, as happens to even grown-up owners of playful pups, the tiny puppy becomes, well, too much, when Anna gets a little too excited to see Benson.

Watch what happens when the clash of cuteness goes wrong, and the love and energy of a seven ounce Yorkie outmaneuvers even a sturdy tot like Benson.