Unlikely Friends, Dog and Elephant, Play in Watering Hole

ABC News
ABC News

For the past six years, Bubbles, a 9,000-pound elephant, and Bella, a Labrador retriever, have been inseparable best friends.

The unlikely pair met at Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina and spend most of their days in the wildlife preserve's watering hole, one of their favorite spots to play.

Bubbles and Bella bonded because of their shared loved of "aquatic antics," as Myrtle Beach Safari describes in the YouTube video that now has more than 946,000 views.

The wildlife reserve adopted Bubbles the elephant in 1983 as an ivory orphan. When a contractor was hired to build Bubbles a pool in 2007, the contractor abandoned Bella as a puppy, leaving the two animals to become lifelong friends.

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