Third Time the Unlucky Charm for Washington Homeowner

Katie Kindelan
ABC News Blogs

It might be time for Sam Edmon to look for a new home.

The Washington state homeowner has seen his residence struck by natural disaster not once, not twice but three times, most recently with an unexplained chunk of ice falling through the roof .

Edmon was awakened from bed the night of June 4 by what he presumed was an explosion. When he saw nothing wrong in his Edgewood, Wash., home he went back to bed. The next morning he discovered the problem, a hole in his roof, according to local ABC affiliate KOMO-TV.

"About 8 inches [in diameter]," Edmon said of the hole's size. "I come back into the house, open the closet [and] there's insulation everywhere, soaking wet."

The cause of the wetness was falling chunks of ice, now saved in his freezer as evidence, that punctured the roof. Following his hunch that the ice could have fallen from a plane, Edmon contacted the Federal Aviation Administration which said, that, yes, ice does come off the wings of planes as they start to descend for landing.

The only problem? There were no planes in the air above Edmon's home that night, according to the FAA.

The nearest major airport to the city of Edgewood is the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, more than 20 miles away.

Nonetheless, it makes sense why Edmon would believe a plane was to blame for the $1,000 damage to his roof. A piece of an airplane engine landed in his back yard in 1984, KOMO reports.

In Edmon's third piece of back luck, according to KOMO, his house was also demolished in a fire and had to be rebuilt from the ground up.

Attempts by to contact Edmon today for comment were not successful.