Report: Charlie Sheen 'Flips Out' Before Show's Premiere

Sheila Marikar
ABC News Blogs

A day after Charlie Sheen's camp - and the Ritz Hotel - denied rumors that he trashed a hotel suite in New York City, Us Weekly reported the source of static between Sheen and his family Monday night was a missed photo-op.

According to the magazine, Sheen accompanied his ex-wife Denise Richards for the red carpet premiere of her new film"Madea's Witness Protection" and expected their daughters Sam and Lola to join them. A source told the magazine that the young girls didn't want to mug for the cameras. "They're shy," the source said."They just wanted to see their mom's movie."

This apparently set Sheen off. The source said, "Charlie bugged out and flipped out on them." This scrap, according to Us Weekly, was the culmination of a "long family weekend in the Big Apple," leading to a "messy, drug-fueled party" and a "trashed" suite at the Ritz - which, again, the hotel denies happened.

Of course, Sheen's team could be going along with all these reports to give his new show, "Anger Management," more publicity. The series premieres tonight at 9 p.m. ET on FX.