Prince William, Kate Middleton Share New Intimate Photos

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Prince William, Kate Middleton Share New Intimate Photos
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Prince William and Kate Middleton are giving the public a behind-the-scenes glance into their daily lives.

On the Royals' newly re-vamped website,, new pictures were released yesterday showing the prince doing some less-than-glamorous duties. A new blog post called "A day in the life of Flight Lieutenant Wales," includes 10 new pictures of Prince William going about his normal routine as part of the RAF Search and Rescue squadron.

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The images include shots of the duke receiving his morning briefing in RAF Valley's Operations Room, shots of him thoroughly inspecting his Sea King helicopter, grabbing a quick cup of coffee in the crew's kitchen and the prince making the bed he sleeps in during his 24-hour shifts on base. One thing is for sure: The living quarters on base are not nearly as lavish as the decadent halls of Buckingham Palace.

Take a look at all 10 of the Prince's photos here.

The duchess added seven new rather artistic photos she took during a visit to the Research Station at Danum Valley, Borneo, Malaysia. The trip took place during her Diamond Jubilee tour in September with the Duke of Cambridge to South East Asia and the South Pacific.

Middleton managed to capture stunning black and white rays of sunshine peeking through the trees during a private walk through of the jungle close to the Danum Valley research station, an image of Mount Kinabalu, which is the highest point in Borneo, and an endangered Borneo Orangutan in the Borneo rain forest. There are no shots of the couple, as it seems Middleton was more focused on her natural surroundings rather than prince by her side.

Take a look at all 7 of the Dutchess's photos here.

But not every day consists of exotic adventures for Middleton. She was recently seen surprising shoppers at a charity event with her sister.