No Soup for You!: 'Soup Nazi' Company Caught in Legal Dispute

Alyssa Newcomb
ABC News Blogs

A legal dispute is threatening to put the restaurant chain created by the real-life Soup Nazi on simmer.

Al Yeganeh was immortalized on the show "Seinfeld" as the "Soup Nazi," a character famous for his unsavory behavior and for uttering the iconic "No soup for you!" catchphrase.

Creditors of a bankrupt company called Soup Kitchen International are steaming, saying they were put on the back burner after a group of the original soup man owners mismanaged the company.

Soup Kitchen International owned the The Original Soup Man name first - and claimed they were bilked out of the name and Yeganeh's recipes during a 2009 licensing deal.

The two sides have been ordered to mediate the matter. A meeting has been scheduled for next week.

Bob Bertrand, who is the CFO of Soup Man and is a defendant in the case, said he is confident the matter will "get settled next week or the week after," the New York Post reported.

Yageneh has remained tight-lipped on the matter, but it's possible he could be called in to testify.

ABC News' Linsey Davis contributed to this report.