Joe Namath's Fur Coat Is the Talk of Twitter

Alyssa Newcomb
ABC News
Joe Namath's Fur Coat Is the Talk of Twitter
Joe Namath's Fur Coat Is the Talk of Twitter (ABC News)

Fans not familiar with Joe Namath's flamboyant style were mesmerized with the fancy fur coat the NFL legend wore today to Super Bowl, where he participated in the pre-game coin toss.

Forget it. Game's over. Joe Namath's jacket wins the Super Bowl.

— Nikki Klocker (@nikkisoda) February 2, 2014

As a New York Jet, Namath was tough enough to guarantee a win before Super Bowl III and deliver. He also wasn't afraid to pose in an advertisement wearing women's panty hose. ( Check it out here!)

At 70 years old, Namath is clearly still living up to his "Broadway Joe" nickname.

While his swagger was appreciated by many, Namath's fur coat did draw some Twitter scorn.

I'm not a big PETA guy but I don't agree with what #JoeNamath did to Lassie

— Mark Critch (@markcritch) February 3, 2014

@RealJoeNamath, that fur coat just doesn't suit you. You know who it would look great on? The animals who wore it first. @peta

— Sarah (@livetodancexo) February 3, 2014

Naturally, Joe Namath's coat already has a Twitter account and issued a rebuttal.

First you complained when I wore pantyhose….you folks are not easy to please. #babyitscoldoutside

— Joe Namath Coat (@JoeNamathCoat) February 2, 2014