Hurricane Sandy: Waiting, Fake Pictures, First Glimpses

Alyssa Newcomb
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Hurricane Sandy is a massive, deadly storm that has already taken dozens of lives in the Caribbean. But northeasterners tucked away in their homes waiting for the storm to hit have been lighting up Twitter and Facebook with everything from Sandy humor and fake images to their first real glimpses of the storm.

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The "frankenstorm" has been mentioned on Twitter more than 4.2 million times in the past 24 hours and that number is expected to rise dramatically throughout the day.

Streets began to flood in Atlantic City, where Sandy is expected to make first landfall tonight.

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Fake images, such as this one showing an ominous New York City skyline have been making the rounds online, leading to some confusion.

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One of the most shared tweets came from Lindsay Lohan, who questioned all of the Sandy hoopla.

"WHY is everyone in SUCH a panic about hurricane (i'm calling it Sally)..?" she tweeted Sunday night. "Stop projecting negativity! Think positive and pray for peace"

Sandy also inspired some new Twitter handles, such as @RomneyStormTips, which had more than 36,000 followers as of this morning.

Comedian Andy Borowitz pontificated on the what would happen if Sandy caused a Twitter outage.

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When confronted with doom and gloom, some people have chosen to have a little fun with Sandy. The most popular memes included Frankenstein and a satellite image of Sandy. The perfect couple have led to Sandy being called a "Frankenstorm." Arguably the most famous Sandy until the storm- Sandy from Grease- was also making a resurgence.

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