Georgia Man Buried Alive in Mud

Katie Kindelan
ABC News Blogs

A man walking near a construction site in Atlanta experienced a near-death experience when he fell into the site and became buried alive in mud.

The man, whom police did not identify, was walking across a muddy area near a bridge’s construction zone around 8 a.m. Saturday when he began to sink in the mud, authorities said.

Dramatic video captured at the scene shows the man so immersed in the mud that his figure is virtually indistinguishable.

Atlanta Fire Rescue crews who responded to the scene had to first move the mud away from his face so he could continue to breathe and then worked for nearly one hour before they were able to pull him from the mud, using a ladder and their own strength.

The man was taken to nearby Grady Hospital where he was treated for hypothermia, according to local affiliate WSBTV.  He is expected to make a full recovery.