Dancing Thief Caught on Camera

Alyssa Newcomb
ABC News Blogs

A prominent sign advertising a “great price” apparently wasn’t enough for one smooth shopper in New Jersey.

Surveillance video shows an unidentified man busting a move as he browsed the women’s section. After the man looked at a few shirts, he covertly stuffed a red dress under his own shirt and tried to boogie his way out of the store.

But his dance past the cash register wasn’t so smooth.

When the man was confronted by security, he dropped the dress and ran, police said.

Gloucester Township police said they are hoping the power of social media will help them nab the dancing thief.

“It may not appear so serious, but when taken together, there are quite a few of those cases that exist,”  Gloucester Township Police Chief Harry Earle told ABC affiliate WPVI-TV in Philadelphia.

If the man is apprehended, police said, he will face a retail theft charge.