Chris Brown’s Questionable Halloween Costume

Sheila Marikar
ABC News Blogs

Terrorist? Gunman? Poster boy for big pants? It's not clear what Chris Brown dressed up as for Halloween, but judging by the guns, beards, and ammunition belts worn by him and his "clique," as he referred to them on Instagram, it wasn't an entirely appropriate costume choice for someone who was famously charged for attacking Rihanna, or for that matter, anyone.

Brown changed to attend Rihanna's Halloween party in West Hollywood, donning a turban and a more elaborate ammo-robe. His rep didn't immediately respond to questions about his costumes.

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Brown might have fared better with a timely outfit, like the one worn by Gwen Stefani. Among the catwomen, sexy unicorns, and other scantily clad stars, the No Doubt front woman stood out as a bullet-wounded Sandy from "Grease," embodying what many east coasters would like to do to a hurricane that shared the same name.