Bar Refaeli Wants to Make Sex Tape

Luchina Fisher
ABC News

Bar Refaeli is seeking $10,000 to make a sex tape.

Actually, that's the premise of the latest Funny or Die spoof video, which has the Israeli supermodel launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise money so she can make her very own skin flick.

"My name is Bar. I'm currently working as a model and actress, just to pay the bills, but I need your help to make my real dream come true. I would like to make a sex tape," she says on the fake page. "This would be a tape of me having sex with some dude."

As incentive, Refaeli, the ex-girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio, offers autographed pictures, a visit to the set and, for $1000, a chance for the guy - or girl - to be her co-star.

"I know what you're thinking," Refaeli says in the Funny or Die skit, looking downcast, "who would want to watch that?"

It turns out a lot of people would, as scores of men flock outside her window, flashing cash, and her Kickstarter tally quickly reaches into the millions.