Backstage at the Victoria's Secret Show

Sheila Marikar
ABC NewsNovember 7, 2012
Backstage at the Victoria's Secret Show
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Backstage at the Victoria's Secret Show (ABC News)

When the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show airs in December, you'll see glitter, Justin Bieber, and scantily clad specimens of humanity that defy the logic of body fat distribution.

You won't see the bomb-sniffing dogs, plates of pastry, and piles of hair extensions that lead up to it.

Security measures are a necessity for a show that includes supermodels, superstars, and a $2.5 million bra. Two bomb-sniffing dogs greeted and other media outlets that went backstage today prior to tonight's taping. The show will air Dec. 4 on CBS.

Dozens of security guards milled around the block-wide building hosting the show, New York's Sixty-Ninth Regiment Armory. National Guard officers headquartered at the Armory were also on hand.

"They're so nice," one fashion show staffer said. "They've been opening doors for us all week."

The specter of Sandy hung in the air. Show organizers loaned eight 500-kilowatt generators to the National Guard after the regiment lost power during the storm last week, according to Wired.

"Since Sandy came through New York, it's been a bit crazy," said 23-year-old model Behati Prinsloo. "My house flooded. My heart really goes out to the other families affected by Sandy. You realize that people lost so much more than you did."

Prinsloo said she donated to the Red Cross but wants to do more. (Victoria's Secret's parent company, Limited Brands, pledged $1 million to Sandy relief efforts.)

"We just saw the soldiers leaving to go to Long Island and help out - and me and Lily [Aldridge, another Angel] were saying we should totally go help," she said. "Sure, after the show settles down, I would love to see what I can do to help."

First thing's first: dolling up and strutting down that runway.

Much has been made of the Victoria's Secret models' pre-show regimens. This week, many tweeted photos of boxing bruises, treadmill screens, and calorie counts, prompting some online commenters to wonder about the health of their routines.

Adriana Lima sported a dime-sized boxing scar on her knuckle. The 31-year-old mom gave birth to her second child in September and has been boxing for an hour and a half a day in preparation for the show.

"I work out on an athletic level," she said. "You need energy. You need, really, to eat. I wasn't really too much focused on the calorie counting at all."

Erin Heatherton, 23, has been spending two hours a day working out.

"I run on the treadmill, I run outside and I do yoga after to lengthen everything," she said. "The week of the show, I try to do one workout in the morning and one at night."

Backstage, a few models grazed off a buffet of bagels, croissants and pastries. There was Nutella to be spread, fruit to be piled on.

Meanwhile, Miranda Kerr sipped a green concoction of cucumber, celery, kale, blue-green algae and lemon while hairstylists twirled arms and appliances around her, tentacle-like.

"I'm not just juicing," the 29-year-old new mom said. "I ate eggs this morning, as well. I need protein and energy."

Prinsloo also had eggs this morning. (She also cited the need for protein; the line is something of a refrain backstage.) But with a little nudging, the Angel admitted that she, too, is human.

"I did have some baked goods," she said, laughing. "And I will later, too. I'll have a corset on, so I'm going to be sucked in."

Unseen backstage was Bieber, the show's marquee musical act, who had Twitter fans in a tizzy over his forthcoming performance. Not all the models felt the same.

"The thing is, I saw him yesterday perform, but I haven't met him in person yet, so let's wait and see until I meet him, and then I'll make my decision," Kerr said.

She shrugged before turning back to her reflection.

"He's cute," she said.

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