Baby Polar Bear Cub Nursed by Humans When Mother Couldn't Feed It

Olivia Katrandjian
ABC News Blogs

For more photos of Siku, click here.
For more photos of Siku, click here.

A month-old polar bear cub is being raised by humans at a Danish zoo after his mother failed to produce enough milk to feed him, the Associated Press reported.

The cub, Siku, is doing "really fine," Scandinavian Wildlife Park manager Frank Vigh-Larsen said.

The cub was 3 pounds at birth, and now weighs 7 pounds.

Siku was taken from his mother when he was two days old, because he was  "moaning and being unruly all the time."

Siku is being touted as the new Knut, a polar bear who was born in the Berlin Zoological Garden and rejected by his mother.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.