Anna Nicole Ex's Acquittal Overturned

ABC News
ABC NewsOctober 19, 2012
Anna Nicole Ex's Acquittal Overturned
Anna Nicole Ex's Acquittal Overturned (ABC News)

In early 2011, Anna Nicole Smith's boyfriend had a drug conspiracy conviction in connection with her death dismissed. However, a California appellate court on Thursday ruled that the convictions of Howard K. Stern and psychiatrist Khristine Eroshevich were wrongly tossed.

A Los Angeles judge determined last year that Stern never had an intent to defraud when he obtained prescriptions for Smith using his name as well as the names of others for privacy reasons.

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Thursday, the appellate court ruled that the charges for both defendants should be reinstated.

It remains to be seen what will happen next with Stern. The trial judge has multiple options to consider, such as imposing a prison sentence or dismissing the case. Stern cannot be retried due to double jeopardy.

Smith died of an accidental drug overdose in Florida in February of 2007.