Alleged Burglar Pinned When Door Rolls Down on Him

Eliza Murphy
ABC News Blogs

This alleged burglar in Massachusetts got a crushing blow when he got his head stuck under the door of a Rent-A-Center during an attempted break-in, according to police reports.

Police say Manuel Fernandes, 53, was trying to steal from the Brockton, Mass., store late Monday night, but got himself in a jam when the loading dock door rolled back down on him.

He was stuck there for nine hours until police came to the rescue and arrested him.

John Rodriguez, the Rent-A-Center's manager, reportedly came to work around 8:45 a.m. to find the man trapped under the heavy metal door.

Rodriguez told The Enterprise, "I happened to walk in and he was there, I saw that little head sticking out."

Rodriguez took out his cell phone to capture the man on video. The robber can be heard claiming he was just "trying to fix the door."

Police plan to charge him with breaking and entering and malicious damage to property.