Al Pacino Gets Hit in Shootout with Christopher Walken?

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Al Pacino needed some medical attention on the set of the movie Stand Up Guys, the New York Post reports.  Medics treated the Oscar winner Monday after his left eye was hit during a shootout sequence with fellow acting legend Christopher Walken. Pacino turns 72 years old today.

Pacino was spotted wincing with a gun in each hand and later having his eye flushed by medical personnel after the mishap.  But Al Pacino’s publicist said it wasn’t as an injury or a big deal.  “A speck flew into his eye on the street downtown and they flushed it out with a solution and he went back to work right away,” said Pat Kingsley in a statement to

The movie, in which two aging wiseguys face off one last time, is slated for a 2013 debut.