BlackBerry’s first Foxconn phones to debut at MWC

Brad Reed
BlackBerry’s first Foxconn phones to debut at MWC

BlackBerry isn’t only suing Ryan Seacrest these days — it’s also getting ready to release some new smartphones through its new manufacturing partner Foxconn. Focus Taiwan reports that the first Foxconn-produced BlackBerry handsets will make their debut at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February, although we still don’t know for sure how many new devices Foxconn plans to show off just yet. BlackBerry signed a deal with Foxconn to produce handsets aimed at emerging markets last year, which gives the company more space to refocus its efforts on producing enterprise-centric software and services. Although BlackBerry’s first Foxconn-produced handset, codenamed “Jakarta,” will be a touchscreen-only device, CEO John Chen has said that he wants to see physical keyboards on the majority of new BlackBerry handsets going forward.

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