Black teens launch careers at NY Fashion Week

STORY: [Shawn Woodward, Fashion designer] “It feels like really crazy, it feels like a dream. Cause this was always a dream for me, so, it’s crazy.”

These New York Fashion Week looks were designed by five Black teens

They are part of the Boys and Girls Club of Southeastern Michigan's fashion industry club program

and were brought to New York in conjunction with online retailer, Maison Black

[Tori Nichel, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Maison Black] “This industry is not so kind to pretty much the Black and brown community, but specifically our Black men. I wanted to give them a platform. I wanted to give them a peek inside of the industry and really experience it.”

For the past seven months the young men have worked with mentors

to learn the ins and outs of the fashion industry

[Langston Howard, Fashion designer] “I was kind of like really minimalist and I was kind of more into like, cargo pants, like a t-shirt. So, now I like things like flared pants and, and like leather and different materials in different colors that I normally would probably use.”

[Robert Arman Robinson, Fashion designer] “It helped me exploit my brand, it helped me exploit my talent, it helped me better at my talents also. So, honestly, it trained me to be better.”