Black Students in Texas Were Allegedly Called the "N word" and Harassed by Students and Staff.

Black Children in Class
Black Children in Class

You do not mess with Black parents in Texas! A group of parents have come together to file two separate civil rights complaints alleging that their children faced constant bullying and harassment and school that went un-dealt with by school administrators.

In the first complaint focused on Slaton Highschool in Lubbock County, Texas, Black students allege that they were repeatedly called the “N-word” and were targeted by school staff as well as students.

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In one particularly disturbing incident a student recounts being disciplined for marijuana after a nurse scanned her face with a black light.

a Black girl was referred to disciplinary alternative educational program (“DAEP”) for 30 days after the nurse scanned her face with a blacklight, finding her responsible for marijuana use because the scan revealed “glow[ing]” “specks” on her cheek and chin.

It’s worth noting that a ton of things pop-up under a black light.

In another incident involving a student, a Black girl was allegedly disciplined for 45 days after defending herself against a white boy who repeatedly called her the “N word after she told him to stop.

And in an incident that really gets me, a Black jewish boy allegedly faced disciplinary action for being “guilty by association.”

Things were not any better at Laura Bush Middle School in Lubbock County, which was the subject of a separate civil rights complaint. According to the complaint, someone created an Instagram account that posted pictures of Black middle school students with racist captions.

Understandably, parents were incredibly distressed about their children popping-up on a racist Instagram account. The complaint alleges that proper steps weren’t taken to ensure children’s safety and security, and punish the perpetrators.

Although the district did not respond to specific complains they did provide a statement to the Texas Tribune.

“Racism has no place at any school within Lubbock-Cooper ISD,” the district added in a statement. “It is not a reflection of our beliefs as a school and it completely contradicts the virtues we wish to instill in our students.”

Regardless of the district’s statement, this is hardly the first instance where racism and antisemitism has been a concern within Texas school districts. And these parents are clearly sick of sweeping things under the rug when it comes to their children’s safety.

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