Black Student Claims He Was Racially Profiled At Michigan School By Officers Who Accosted Him And Alleged His ID Was Fake

Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan is under scrutiny after a viral video captured a confrontation between two police officers on campus and a Black student who was accused of showing a fake ID.

The clip begins with one of the officers grabbing the Black student’s hands as he insists that he didn’t do anything wrong. Another young man is recording the incident, and is heard in the video trying to make a case for his friend.

“Why are you grabbing him? Let him go,” the witness says repeatedly while the officer is seen aggressively grabbing the Black student on camera.

The confrontation continues for several minutes as the officer puts grabs the student by the shoulders and claims that he was hit. Fortunately, the officer has a partner who attempts to calm the situation and as the young man proceeds to verbally defend himself, insisting that he did not touch the officer. After a moment, the student is finally allowed to go into his backpack and retrieve his identification.

The student removes his wallet, pulls out his ID, and hands it to the officer, saying, “Tell me if this is fake or not.”

Still, the officer insists on seeing another ID.

“That’s his only ID,” says the friend recording the incident.

“Open up your wallet, let me see all of them,” demands the officer.

The obviously frustrated young man then pulls out various types of cards from his wallet and throws them to the ground.

“You wanna see a f**king card, n***a,” he says.

Later in the clip, the witness says his peer has been racially profiled on campus for three days in a row. In the end, the student retrieves his ID and walks away from the officers while telling them he plans to sue the school.

Several users on social media are defending the Oakland University student.

Oakland University has not yet released a public statement regarding the incident.