Black man injured after Texas bounty hunters break in, start shooting

‘I thought they was gonna kill me,’ said Ricky Brannon

A man and his family are left traumatized after bounty hunters broke in their home and began shooting.

Ricky Brannon of Cypress, Texas thought his home was being broken into when three bounty hunters recently bust down his front door where his wife and children were present and started firing their guns. It was later discovered that not only did they enter illegally they were at the wrong home, per ABC13.

“I thought we were getting robbed,” said Brannon.

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Brannon was just getting home around 8 a.m. on Sunday when men jumped out of their vehicle and began shooting. He says he ran in the house and closed the door but they came through anyway, that’s when the man of the home grabbed his own gun from the closet. Before he knew it he was in a shootout with three strangers.

“I thought they was gonna kill me,” said Brannon.

His wife Tekia Thompson alerted the men their were kids in the home. They tried to leave but were unsuccessful.

“He told us to get on the floor or he was gonna shoot us,” said Thompson. “I was trying to tell him, ‘What’s going on? Who are you? I have kids in the house. I have babies in here.'”

Brannon put his weapon down when one man claimed to be law enforcement.

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“So I put my gun down. I said, ‘Look, I’m coming out,’ and I came out. They threw the cuffs on me, and they started whaling on me,” said Brannon.

He was eventually led out of the house but not before the men beat him and he was hit the head with a gun. By this time, the sheriffs had arrived. The men who burst into his home broke a few laws that day.

For one bounty hunters cannot enter a home without permission or carry a badge and claim to be law enforcement.

The men were charged with illegal entry into a home and engaging in a shootout with the residence according to Harris County Sheriff’s Office. One of the bounty hunters was shot.

Investigators say they were looking for a man who no longer lived at the home. Brannon and his family had moved in two years ago.

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