Black Man Files Lawsuit for Miami Cops Who Arrested Him... For 'Stealing' His Own Car

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I know. That headline is weird, but it’s true. And now the Black man arrested for stealing his own car is suing the city of Miami.

According to a report by Miami New Times, Samuel Scott Jr.’s Jeep Compass was stolen outside of his aunt’s house. After making a call to 911, as many people would do, Scott was placed in the backseat of a police car by the same officers he called to help him get his car back.

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At that point, Scott likely put together that the officers thought he was the thief in this case and not the victim.

Read this from Miami New Times:

“I’m telling you, you guys have the wrong guy,” Scott — a Black man wearing a dark-colored shirt over a white undershirt at the time — can be seen telling an officer in body-worn camera footage obtained by New Times.

“The description of the guy who took off in your car is just like yours,” the officer responds.

“But that’s half of Miami,” Scott says.

A few minutes later, Scott laughs to himself: “I mean, why would I call the police?”

Understandably so, Scott was confused. Why would he steal his own car? No wonder he found it comical.

As a result, Scott was charged with leaving the scene of an accident, false reporting of a crime, failure to carry a concealed-weapon license, and possession of marijuana. Thankfully, all of the charges were dropped by the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office per the report from Miami New Times.

It’s been three years since those Miami cops made that idiotic arrest, but Scott has not forgotten about it at all, suing the city and the officers alleging that they unlawfully searched, falsely imprisoned, and maliciously prosecuted him three years ago. Faudlin Pierre, Scott’s attorney, said his client is looking to get $500,000.

Hopefully, he gets his bag like this Black man in South Carolina.

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