Birdwatchers track wild turkey’s adventure across NYC

Birdwatchers track wild turkey’s adventure across NYC

NEW YORK (PIX11) — A turkey call is not a typical midtown sound but one distinct bird has made an appearance among the high rises of Park Avenue and perched at Saks Fifth Avenue.

The turkey has been seen walking among the cars and flying between the medians.

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A network of birdwatchers and photographers have been looking out for her.

David Barrett hosts Manhattan Bird Alert on social media. “Heavy traffic and people on foot, it’s a chance to glimpse a magnificent wild bird that they normally wouldn’t see,” he said.

The turkey has been nicknamed Astoria.

Earlier reports had the bird in Queens. She may have crossed the East River via a stop on the Queensboro Bridge or Roosevelt Island.

Turkeys can quickly fly shorter distances, as shown in some of the video that has been posted on social media.

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“It’s challenging to do a rescue of a wild bird that’s healthy. Generally, rescues take place with birds that are ill or injured. This turkey can fly. That’s making it hard to catch,” Barrett said.

Staten Island and the Bronx have wild turkey flocks.

Wild Bird Fund is a wildlife rehabilitation and education center. They are monitoring the situation. A rescue attempt was made but the healthy bird flew away.

“She seems healthy and very strong. At this point we hope she’ll find a safer place to be such as a park,” a Fund representative said.

Zelda was a famous turkey who lived in Battery Park for a decade. It’s believed she traveled down from the Bronx. They have been spotted in Central Park. Sightings are considered rare in Manhattan.

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